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B SURFER surf school is the only surf school in Puerto Escondido, Mexico that meets ISA (International Surfing Association) safety standards, providing beginner surf lessons on soft boards, that makes your surfing experience completely safe. We offer surf lessons and body board lessons with experienced surf instructors for the people of all ages, running super low prices with small group and individual lessons.

Our team. B SURFER surf school is a family of soul mates, who has as their goal to make your dream about surfing come true by showing you how to understand and love the ocean. All instructors are certified and every year, they complete the «First aid and water safety» courses, blending local knowledge of world class waves, many years of surfing and teaching experience. They are real fans of «boards and waves». This will guarantee safety and great results!

Surf & stay packages. For your comfortable staying in Puerto Escondido, we offer you packages including the best accommodation at La Punta de Zicatela at SURF VILLA right on the surf spot with beautiful ocean view, green territory with mangos trees and coconut palm trees, spacious standard rooms with terrace and shared equipped kitchen with barbeque facilities, large swimming pool with poolside chais, hamacas, full wi-fi coverage, twice a week room cleaning, laundry service and SPA service.

  •   I traveled to Mexico for the first time in November 2015 and I am glad I chose to go to Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. Puerto is an incredible place and B Surfer definitely made my stay there especially memorable! Not only this town offers world-class waves,...More

    thumb LenaA1662

      I did one-to-one surf classes with José and i got every peso's worth. José obviously has alot of coaching experience as my classes were tailored to suit my needs. He patiently explains surf theory, wave selection, surf ethics etc. His passion the sport is evident...More

    thumb recalcitrantapple
  •   If you think what to do, just grab yourself and go to Puerto and B surfer. This is amazing camp can suggest good practice lessons, awesome place for living, many-many tips about Puerto and much more! You will definitely fall in love with this Surf...More

    thumb gqsandra

      I started at zero experiences and i felt very safe as from the beginning. Although Jose wants you to catch every possible wave he meets a very high standard of safety and is always keen to respect the etiquette. I also appreciated the focus he...More

    thumb weiss_caro
  •   I travelled to B Surfer in Puerto Escondido at november and it was really cool vacations. Camp was well-organized. at the surf lessons i've got good progress. in a home spot there where waves for all tipes of surfers, from beginner to advansed surfer. it'...More

    thumb Евгения М

      It was a very well organized and very cool camp. Excellent accommodation. The instructors were very attentive and helpful. Really improved the skills with these guys!!! Interesting trips to great sights and spots to relax and enjoy sunset!!we'll certainly come again!!

    thumb Anna K
  •   In July/August 2017 I went to the island Chacahua with the B surfer school. The Island was perfect and the accomodation was on the beach, just a few meters away from the huge waves. Everything I needed next to surfing was there within a few...More

    thumb JeroenB1068

      I very liked this place, great everyday waves really help you to improve your surf ability! And I was lucky to have personal surf-instructor, that's the best way to get huge progress for short period of time. More over this place is really good for...More

    thumb Nastya_Mak
  •   I've been surfing with b surfer for a couple of days, and I want to say - first of all - place is amazing, ocean is adorable! And guys fits this place perfectly: they are very welcome and helpful, good teachers and companions to spend...More

    thumb 63irinaz

Pricing per person in USD dollars

            1 WEEK   
320 TRPL/360 DBL/420 SNGL   
7 nights/8 days std room   
Welcome drink & fruits       
semi-private surf lessons /weekly Mon — Sat      
Basics of surfing theory class       
Photo/video session/analysis / once per week      
Surf movie night with tacos & drinks /once per week       
Round free transfers to surf spots       
Equipment for surfing, lycra, wax       
Present of B SURFER school       
Certificate of SURFER       


            2 WEEKs  
600 TRPL/680 DBL/750 SNGL   
14 nights/15 days std room   
Welcome drink & fruits       
10 semi-private surf lessons /weekly Mon — Sat      
Basics of surfing theory class       
 2 Photo/video session/analysis / once per week      
 2 Surf movie night with tacos & drinks /once per week       
Round free transfers to surf spots       
Equipment for surfing, lycra, wax       
Present of B SURFER school       
Certificate of SURFER       


            3 WEEKS  
800 TRPL/850 DBL/950 SNGL  
21 nights/22 days std room   
Welcome drink & fruits       
15 semi-private surf lessons /weekly Mon — Sat      
Basics of surfing theory class       
3 Photo/video session/analysis / once per week      
3 Surf movie night with tacos & drinks /once per week       
Round free transfers to surf spots       
Equipment for surfing, lycra, wax       
Present of B SURFER school       
Certificate of SURFER       


            4 WEEKS  
1000 TRPL/1050 DBL/1150 SNGL  
28 nights/29 days std room   
Welcome drink & fruits       
20 semi-private surf lessons /weekly Mon — Sat      
Basics of surfing theory class       
 4 Photo/video session/analysis / once per week      
 4 Surf movie night with tacos & drinks /once per week       
Round free transfers to surf spots       
Equipment for surfing, lycra, wax       
Present of B SURFER school       
Certificate of SURFER       


Daily breakfast + 70 USD per week. Mexican breakfast with orange juice and coffee will be served in your terrace!          
Yoga twice a week + 20 USD per week      
Full theory course of basics of surfing with text book, 7 hours + 80 USD paid once        

All the prices is subject to change without prior notification. Kindly note that present prices are not valid for Easter and Christmas holidays. For holidays quotes please contact

Location. B SURFER surf villa is situated in the beautiful bay of La Punta de Zicatela of the famous Puerto Escondido surfing town, right on the beach with famous world class waves. Nowadays La Punta de Zicatela is the heart of surfing and «pura vida» life of Puerto Escondido, within the walking distance from villa you will find best restaurants, beach and chill-outs bars and lounges, local markets filled with fresh vegetables and fruits, local cafes with delicious mexican foods, surf and organic shops. Beach volleyball games, sunset walking and surf parties is a part of everyday life in this place!

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All level students. B Surfer makes surf camps for all level of students: from complete beginners to upper intermediate surfers who want to improve their surfing skills and get more knowledge about waves and the ocean.

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Intensive surf course. Every group during surf camp will be divided into smaller focus groups, depending on the level of surfing skills you have! B Surf guarantees one instructor for two students, to ensure your safety and best learning results.

The surf lesson lasts two hours, including warm-up, necessary information about surf spots, theory part and practicing in the water. We are not gonna make surfing champions of our students, we gonna teach you the basics, the rest depends on you!

InstagramCapture_22781f4d-747e-40f3-a9a5-68db4e8cfc2a IMG_1128 Surf lessons in Puerto Escondido IMG_1775a

Theory course. The theoretical part includes the basics of surfing, you will learn proper pop-up techniques, surfing etiquette and surfing rules, effective paddling techniques, how to paddle out to line up, make the drop, ride and catch the green waves, how to handle wipeouts and essential moves. In case you want to get profound and detailed information about each theme and even more, book full seven lessons surfing theory course with a textbook for extra charge!

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Surf movie nights. Every week at surf villa we will be watching classic inspiring surf movies that must be watched by anyone who wanna B SURFER! Chill evenings, great surf movies, cool company of friends, authentic Mexican food and drinks are included!

Photo coach session. During our 14 days surf program we do a photo coach session with photos included. During the photo lesson, pictures of the waves and intents will be shot by a professional photographer and then analyzed and discussed, so you can see your mistakes, understand what needs to be improved and how to do it. You will be able to see not only your mistakes and epic wipeouts, but you’ll also get the best shots of your waves with the thrilling excitement on your face!

InstagramCapture_0a474830-706c-4625-9a17-21a7fc3a6fe1 InstagramCapture_7d2e1e77-06a0-4ba1-bc89-c414d640446e IMG_9635 ON7g4Gp8Mzg

Yoga for surfers. Yoga is very important for surfers and the ones who wanna B SURFER! It makes your body stronger, gives it necessary flexibility and teaches right way to breath. Specially for our surf students we prepare special yoga lessons for surfers it includes breath and meditation techniques, intensive flow of Power/Core/Vinyasa yoga and deep relaxation. Yoga classes will be held two times per week, the lesson lasts at least one and a half hour. This activity can be booked for extra charge together with weekly package.

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Free transportation. You won’t have to worry about getting to the beach, as B Surfer will transport you to the location that best suits you.

InstagramCapture_a6246d34-9dec-4bb5-9651-d88db38ec3a6InstagramCapture_cc8b38ca-0c2c-42b8-98e8-a51aff50be74 surflessons surf trip truck

Adventure after surf activity

Boat trip. As a day off from surfing you will have exciting boat tour to see thousands of dolphins, «sea devils» giant manta rayas, different species of ocean turtles and if you are lucky you see the gray whales that are migrating in the pacific waters of Puerto-Escondido from November to March.

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Lagoon trip with night swimming into glowing plankton. Thrilling adventure that you never forget! Boat trip onto lagoon with labyrinths of mangroves trees and hundreds of birds, amazing seafood barbecue dinner on the island in between lagoon, ocean and the river, sunset watching and firework and on the way back night swimming into glowing plankton.

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Surf lessons, surf camps and surf villa in Puerto Escondido.

For more information and booking, please, contact us at or Whatsapp  +529541109221!

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